Our Process

Match your land
With a suitable design with our experienced new home builders Cairns consultants to best suit your lifestyle!!   Consider bedrooms, car accommodation, room to grow, room to work and room to live!!
 This is where we uncover the budget, design and building features that are important to you.

Preparation of your sales quote/pre contract
Once you have finalised the design and had requirements priced with your consultant we will arrange an itemised sales quote/pre contract within 7 working days of you informing your consultant of which items are to be included and which items not to include.

Finalise and signing of your MyStyle Homes pre contract

We will arrange a soil test
Wind rating certificate and the contour survey of your lot (this will take approx 3 weeks). Once we have the reports we can then prepare a fixed price contract for you and present you with our colour selections folder to assist you to choose your colours. 
Make your house a home with our experienced colour consultant helping you decide on the entire colour scheme and will assist you with the finishing touches for your home, from the roof, to internal walls to the ceiling (allow for 1 - 2 hours). It’s exciting and fun when selecting your own colours.

We will explain our requirements
And our construction time frames. You will receive a copy of the HIA building contract for your records and (do not leave with your finance provider) Sign the HIA building contract and return the builders copy.
 Have your loan pre-approval completed if you are borrowing from a lending authority.

Once the deposit has been made

  • We can then submit the plans to council immediately.
  • Council development approval.
  • Council building approval.

Prepare detailed documents including full working drawings, energy reports, engineering and local council requirements. Fixed price contract. Signing of the HIA building contract, deposit paid and we submit for a building permit application on your behalf (it normally takes the council up to 4 weeks).

Once council has approved your plans the Cairns builder, MyStyle Homes, will give a copy to your lender. The bank has 14 days to give you formal construction finance approval. Authority to commence construction  is received all material and labour orders are placed and getting everything ready administrative matters like purchase orders and site files for when the construction commences. This normally takes up to 3 weeks.

Building Progression
You will be fully informed with the progress and invited to inspect at the completion of each of the 5 major claim stages that follow the deposit and we can arrange any site visits you would like to make.

On completion you will be presented your beautiful Cairns custom home for you to enjoy.