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MyStyle Homes – helping you make the right decisions

Building with MyStyle Homes means building with people you can trust. To that end, we wanted to take some time to explain what we offer and why it makes us different – and how we can help you make a better, more informed decision about building your new home.

What is a fixed-price quote?

When it comes to building your home, your contractor is going to have three main elements to take into account when coming back to you with a quote – the block you’re hoping to build on, the design that you’ve chosen, and any other inclusions that you want installed at the point of construction.

Your building contractor should endeavour to include as many accurate quotes as possible – but for some, it’s not always possible. Where your builder has to ‘sub-contract’ another supplier, they will give you an estimate. These estimates are where your eventual cost can skyrocket in comparison to the original quote you received.

If you’ve only received an estimate regarding any particular part of your build, that price may be subject to change and you may be left scrambling to find more finance.

How can we help?

At MyStyle Homes, we work with you to ensure that we have all the information to hand and all the decisions made so that you can receive a fixed-price quote that you can trust will stay the same throughout the construction process.

For example, when you pick one of our pre-built home designs on a pre-determined lot, we can tell you exactly how much that is going to cost you. To make life even easier for you, we include certain inclusions as standard in our home design packages. These include but are not limited to: –

• Stone benchtops throughout

• Tiled flooring throughout

• Overhead kitchen cabinetry

• Your choice of huge 1200mm wide front door

• Energy-efficient lighting, air-conditioning, insulation and many other energy-efficient items that make MyStyle the leader in sustainable homes

With MyStyle it’s all about MyChoice – our packaging program that allows you to choose what inclusions you want in your new home. The idea of MyChoice is that we want you to be in control of the home we’re going to build for you. The best thing you get out of MyChoice is a home that is exactly how you imagined it; you can spend big on bathroom fittings while being more conservative on door handles – if that is what you want. The beauty of our MyChoice system is that you make a choice and receive a fixed price for the item – leaving you confident that the price you’re being quoted is accurate.

Whilst certain areas of your home-build will always be estimated it is in your best interests to ensure that wherever possible your choices have come with a fixed price – by doing so you’ll feel much more confident that the price you’re being quoted will be the price you end up paying, and making decisions about your inclusions at the start means you won’t be having to make them during stressful, time-sensitive moments of the build later down the line.

If you’d like to hear more about our home design and inclusion packages, call MyStyle Homes today on 07 40 510 510 or leave us a message.