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MyStyle Homes – How to build sustainably

Building your home sustainably has never been easier, and there have never been so many alternatives when it comes to construction. By thinking about sustainability during the build phase of your home you can ensure that your home is both eco-friendly and saving you money on things like bills over the long run. MyStyle Homes have identified a number of areas within the build process that we think you should consider.

What construction materials would you like to use?

Innovations in the construction sector have led to a number of new eco-friendly products out on the market, not least of which is Holcim Australia’s low-carbon concrete range ‘ECOPact, which significantly reduces embodied carbon in construction. To put into perspective how powerful ECOPact is, if it had been used to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge it would be the equivalent of removing almost 15,000 vehicles from our roads!

Plan for your climate

We primarily operate in Far North Queensland, where it’s hot and humid. Most standard building practices assume you will suffer from cold winter months – and that simply isn’t the case up here! For us, it’s much more important to try to ensure that homes are open enough that air can breeze through and that windows are placed to take advantage of the sumptuous natural light we receive all year round. When you’re considering your home design, think about what direction your home will face and how you want air and sunlight to interact with you when indoors.

Build with someone you can trust

MyStyle Homes are Greensmart professionals, which means we have undertaken the training and demonstrated a commitment to sustainable building practices. On all of our builds we strive to ensure that we are paying attention to energy efficiency, waste management and site management. We’ve won many awards since 2014 for our sustainable homes, so if you’re interested in both building your home and helping reduce your carbon footprint you can enquire here.